We are a small kennel nestled in a valley between the beautiful mountains of central Pennsylvania.  I became interested in the breed in 1992 when I acquired my first Aussie, Murphy.  After losing my German Shepherd I decided to do some research into different breeds for my next dog and thereby discovered the wonderful world of Australian Shepherds.  Murphy was obtained through an ad in a local newspaper and luckily for us he turned out to be a super pet but not a super performance dog.  Then began our search for the ultimate versatile Aussie.  How much we have learned in these past 13 years.  And Murphy is still with us today as the resident couch potato.

Currently we are owned by 6 Aussies, most of whom are training and competing in conformation, obedience and agility.  We compete in ASCA, AKC and NADAC events and have put numerous obedience and agility titles on our dogs.  We have also dabbled occasionally in the herding arena when the opportunity arises. We have a certified therapy dog who has spent her lifetime attempting to put a little laughter and hope into the lives of many older adults.  But most importantly, all of our dogs live in the house with us and are fulltime members of our family. 

Occasionally we have a litter of puppies. We are very careful and selective with our breedings and do so only with the intent of bettering the breed  and with the utmost care and research into temperament and health issues. 

Australian Shepherds are the breed I have chosen to be owned by and loved by because of  their extreme intelligence, willingness to please and drive to excel in whatever they do.  Simply stated, "They have become the  passion of my life".

Please enjoy your visit to my website and if you have any questions or comments as to this wonderfully versatile breed feel free to contact me.


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