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DOB:  2/25/1992
An absolutely  gorgeous dark liver red tri, Murphy was my introduction to the world of Australian Shepherds. After having researched the breed thoroughly, but never having seen one in person, we began our search for an Aussie.  This was accomplished by seeing an ad in the local newspaper never dreaming what this would lead to. From the beginning Murphy was difficult, very reactive  and very destructive.  We attended obedience class from the time he was 3 mos old until he was 18 mos.  As he matured he became aggressive toward the other dogs in the class.  So Murphy was retired from obedience and his behavior was managed at home.  Now at 12 years old, Murphy has slowed down somewhat due to hearing and vision deficits but continues his job of chasing away all intruders.  Murphy could never tolerate being shut away and has broken several windows, eaten his way through drywall into another room, eaten door frames and carpets and broken out of several crates  trying to get free.  And although not good around other dogs, he has always gotten along well with the dogs at home. and is extremely loving and affectionate with people.  Despite the fact that he has brought some real problems into our home, he will always be #1 boy here at Fairwind....and we are praying he will be around for quite a while yet. 
Murphy at 12
9 weeks

3 months
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February 25, 2005 - Murphy celebrating his 13th birthday