Strawmier's Sweet Maggie Mae ASCA/AKC CDX RN    MX AXJ AXP AJP RV-E JV-O GV-N EAC-V OJC-V
Quality's Blue Storm
Hidenvaley's Indy Mind
DOB:  6/24/1993

What can I say about Maggie?  A full sibling to Murphy ( I hadn't learned yet), Maggie has turned out to be an absolutely fabulous pet and performance dog in every way.  Always willing to please no matter what!!!!!!  Eleven years old, Maggie is still running regular AKC agility and veterans NADAC and ASCA and we are hoping for several more titles out of her before she retires. She was the #1 Aussie and the #4 Herding dog in Excellent A in 2002 according to the Front and Finish standings.  And this accomplished at 9 1/2 years old.  Also we are working on the possibility of completing her UD.

Reigning Queen of Fairwind, Maggie spends her days keeping order among the  younger dogs and making sure they are clean and well groomed.  She will not hesitate to restore order if someone violates her code of ethics.  She also has been a member of Therapy Dogs International for the last 8 years and has made innumerable visits to enrich the lives of the elderly in our community. 
Maggie relaxing in the pool
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photo by Tien Tran